MiddleFest Chapel Electives Announced
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MiddleFest Chapel Electives Announced

MiddleFest Chapel Electives Announced

MiddleFest Chapel Electives Announced

MiddleFest is back and better than ever! After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, these special electives for seventh and eighth graders begin October 21 and run through May. Middlefest electives are fun, highly engaging, unique opportunities students experience beyond their normal school schedule.  Each elective option allows for students to see that God’s Truth applies to every aspect of life.  Students choose their preference and attend the elective course every other week. In the Spring, MiddleFest commences with a special ‘MiddleFest Day’, where families are invited to see numerous student presentations highlighting their exploratory electives. Keep up with all MiddleFest information here.


New MiddleFest electives announced include:

7th Grade MiddleFest Chapel Electives

PayDay: This option is for young entrepreneurs who want to learn more about running a business.  Students will be given start-up cash to create a business with their team and put the principles of good stewardship to work.

Connect 4: This elective will examine the four elements of great games – design, strategy, theme, and teamwork. You will even have a chance to design your own game based on what you learn.

Operation Kindness: This class gives students the opportunity to be God’s hands and feet as they show His love to the world. Special projects will include blankets of love, letters to military service members, Operation Christmas Child, and more!

STEAM Central: Do you love to figure out how things work? This could be the class for you. This elective includes hands on exploration into Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Picture This:  Say Cheese! Learn the elements of great photography as you practice your skills, participate in photo challenges, and create photo collages.


8th Grade MiddleFest Chapel Electives

Histories Mysteries: Ever wonder what really happened to Amelia Earhart or how the Egyptians built the massive pyramids? This elective will explore some of the greatest mysteries in history and see if together they can solve them.

Life Skills 101: Valuable real life skills and knowledge are headed your way in this option. You will learn how to write a check, balance a budget, perform CPR, and more each session.

The Beautiful Word: Take calligraphy and artful lettering to a new level while you learn new techniques. You will practice your skills as you create posters of scripture from God’s beautiful Word!

CSI: This course will include the fundamentals of crime scene investigation. Learn about fingerprinting, DNA analysis, and blood typing as you and your classmates work together to solve a crime.

Royal Warrior Fitness Challenge: We can honor God by taking good care of our physical health. Each session, you will have a chance to challenge yourself in different ways – strength training, flexibility, plyometrics, and more!

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