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Lunch Services

Cafeteria service is offered at our elementary campus for grades TK-6. Hot lunches can be purchased each day by students. A monthly lunch menu is provided in advance. Lunches are not served “a la carte.” Each lunch includes a drink of milk, water, or fruit juice. These drinks are also available for purchase by students who bring their lunches from home. Ice cream treats are available for purchase during lunch recess on Fridays for grades 1-6.

Cafeteria Prices

Cafeteria Item



Hot Lunch
(Drink Included)
$5.00 Cash payment or lunch ID card is due when lunch is served.
Milk or Fruit Drink as Separate Purchase $.75  Cash payment is due when drink is served.
Ice Cream $1.00 Purchased after lunch on Fridays. Cash payment is due when treat is served. (1st-6th grades only)


Add money to your child’s lunch card

We use a “point-of-sale” payment system for your child(ren) to purchase lunch as needed. This program is designed to simplify meal planning for you as you manage your family’s lunch needs.  It allows you to prepay for meals and manage them online with credit and debit cards.  We anticipate this system will allow greater flexibility, in that:  one payment will allow for multiple students’ accounts, card(s) will be re-loadable at your convenience, account can be setup for recurring payments, and more. This card will allow for the purchase of lunches, seconds, or drinks. For further information and to sign up for this quick and easy program visit

Note:  Both Student ID cards (their “point-of-sale” card) and cash will be accepted as forms of payment for school lunches, seconds, or drinks.  Ice cream and early morning snack purchases will remain as a cash only purchase at this time.

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