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Middle School Final Exams Schedule 2018

We are fast approaching the end of the semester. In Middle School we are always preparing our students to be academically ready for the next level. With that in mind, our Middle School students follow the high school final exam schedule for December 18-20. During this “final exam period” the teachers will have an extended time with each class to give either a final exam or some other extended lesson or presentation. On December 18, 19, and 20, students are scheduled to take two “final exams” each day. School ends at 1:00 pm each day and students are dismissed at that time.

Students unable to get picked up or who need to take the shuttle bus will stay until 2:45pm with afterschool supervision/ study hall. Sports practice (or scheduled games) for Middle School (Baseball and Softball) will be from 1:30 until 3:30 pm those three days. (The Yearbook Club and Spelling Bee Finalists may also be practicing those days.)

Every Middle School student needs to fill out the following form and return it to their homeroom teacher indicating whether they will be going home at 1:00 pm or staying until 2:45 pm on Dec. 18-20. Please return this form no later than Monday, December 17th so we can plan for supervision accordingly!

Food service will be available for purchase at the Grub Hub these three days during the nutrition break and again between 1:00 and 1:30 pm for students staying until the end of the day or for sports practice. You are also welcome of course to bring lunch/ snack these days as well. (CASH ONLY- No Student ID cards may be used for these 3 days.)

 All students are required to take their final exams on the day and time listed. There will be no 1st Period MiddleFest Final Exam.
No students will be dismissed early from taking a final or will arrive late (including TAs) to school during Final Exams.

Early Release Form

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