8th Grade Graduation
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8th Grade Graduation

Join us for the 2018/19 Eighth Grade Graduation

This celebration will be held at the Royals Pavilion at Woodcrest Christian School on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 7:00 PM. (Students must report to the Multi-Purpose Room at 6:15 PM)

This promotion ceremony is a wonderful mile marker in your student’s academic journey, honoring the completion of Middle School. We encourage you to invite family, extended relatives, and friends to join us in this major step of your child’s academic advancement. Although this is a joyous celebration, please also keep in mind that this is a ceremony deserving of an elevated level of decorum.

We look forward to a memorable evening and trust you will join us in encouraging modesty and age-appropriate attire both for our students and guests. We encourage our families to keep in mind that while this is a special event, excessive expense is not required or even encouraged. Please keep in mind the dress code listed below when planning for the evening:

  • Girls: Wear a dress no shorter than to the top of the knee, with modest neck lines that cover the girls’ back, midriff, and shoulders. (No spaghetti straps, tank style straps or strapless dresses or tops.) Girls should wear appropriate dress shoes in which they are comfortable walking and climbing up and down the steps of the platform. Dressy low heels are encouraged because of the steps on the platform.
  • Boys: Wear dress pants (no jeans) and a collared dress shirt with a tie.  Shirts should be tucked in with a belt. Wear dress shoes only. (No tennis shoes, Vans or other casual style)
  • All students: Students will be wearing graduation gowns during the ceremony and will need to return gowns to the Multi-Purpose Room before they leave and no later than 9:00 pm.

Also, we will have a few light refreshments after the ceremony. Thank you for your support and cooperation for this exciting upcoming event. We look forward to celebrating a great evening with your family and your student!  “To God be the glory! Great things He has done!”

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