Important Dates - First Day of School
School Starts in August! All of the Woodcrest Christian School System will be starting the next school year on August 23rd. Please make sure to mark your calendars! Below are important dates for the remainder of the 2016/2017 school year, (read more)
Sixth Grade Science Camp
This April, the sixth grade students at RCDS made their yearly trip up the mountain to Palomar Christian Conference Center for Science Camp. This year’s theme, “Dear God,” was designed to strengthen their relationship with God and with others. (read more)
Mrs. Orr's Class Dominates the World!
Can you identify where all the countries of the world are on a map?? Mrs. Orr’s 7th Grade Geography class can! At the annual ‘Orr-eo Party’ they had a celebration of the student’s year-long efforts to achieve world domination! Oreo desserts abounded (read more)
Woodcrest Christian Graduation Ceremonies Join us for these upcoming graduation celebrations for our elementary, middle and high school students. Class of 2017 High School Graduation June 8, 2017 at 7pm The Grove Community Church (read more)


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