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  • Mrs. Jamie Firetag
    Mrs. Jamie Firetag
    Middle School Principal

    Jamie Firetag has served WCS since 2014. Her genuine love for students is a daily blessing.

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What Others Are Saying

Woodcrest Christian was located 20 miles from where we lived, but we would have driven 100 miles for such a unique place.

Tina vanHaaster, current family

“The school is very academic but the main reason that we have our child attend is because of the focus on the whole child and the whole family.  The basis on bible teachings and the focus on showing love and support to the children is huge to us.  We also appreciate the fact that so many parents are involved in their child’s education.”

WCSS Parent

“The teachers genuinely care about the kids, the education they are receiving is top notch, and the Christian influence is wonderful!”

WCSS Parent

“WCDS is like a family to us, everyone is very welcoming to everyone who attends there.  What they have to teach to the kids about God is outstanding, the things they learn from the excellent teachers stay with the kids throughout their lives and they continue to grow in God’s world as they go to Woodcrest Christian School.”

WCSS Parent

"I've been in the Woodcrest System since kindergarten and one thing I have learned is that one of the things that set Woodcrest apart are the teachers and staff members. They truly care about their students. They not only care about their academics but also care for them on a personal level and want to make sure they are doing well emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, not just academically."

WCSS Student

Did You Know?

private middle school sport mountain biking
Middle school students can participate in more than 20 sports teams including mountain biking.
private middle school
Middle School students perform more than 3,700+ hours of community service every year.
private middle school chromebooks
Chromebooks and iPads are integrated into classroom assignments so students improve technological skills while also mastering the subject matter.

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Welcome to Woodcrest Christian Middle School

Woodcrest Christian Middle School is a private middle school offering grades 7 and 8. At WCMS, students experience the excitement and challenge of increased independence, responsibility, and academic growth that prepares them for the world ahead. Though the middle school years can be tumultuous, the value of Woodcrest Christian is the Christ-centered people and the Biblical-curriculum that surrounds your student during this season of life.  Learning to navigate multiple classes and teachers, exploring a new campus, and performing well in academics, sports and other activities challenges every student. At Woodcrest Christian, your student is not lost in a crowd of faces, but rather is known, guided and encouraged by caring teachers.  As a private Christian school, Woodcrest Christian strikes a balance of being big enough (offering full sports facilities and numerous clubs, activities, and extra-curricular opportunities), yet small enough for students to know and be known. We provide a strong academic environment where students learn the skills and preparation to succeed and transition seamlessly to high school. Every basic subject area is established around a solid Biblical Core where God’s unchanging truths permeate every lesson. It is our desire that every student develops a strong Biblical worldview that gives them the confidence to respond to our world through wisdom, character, stewardship, and service.

Recent News

  • First Annual Campus Prayer Walks
    At 08:20
    First Annual Campus Prayer Walks

    On two consecutive Saturdays in September, the Woodcrest Christian School System hosted its first annual Prayer Walk and Pancake Breakfast at each of its

  • Having a Ball at the Bash
    At 11:55
    Having a Ball at the Bash
    You’ve never seen so many beach balls! This year’s Back-to-School Bash was a huge success with more than 1,400 people in attendance! As our
  • Woodcrest Christian Celebrates 75 Years
    At 08:43
    Woodcrest Christian Celebrates 75 Years
    During the 2022/2023 school year, Woodcrest Christian celebrated its 75th anniversary! A year-long celebration of events took place to commemorate this milestone event. Kicking off

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