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2020 MiddleFest

On Friday, May 22, 2020 from 8:25 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. we will hold our Woodcrest Christian MiddleFest!  

What is Middlefest? Middlefest is the title given to our quarter-long elective class offerings for the 4th Quarter in Middle School. These engaging courses provide new hands-on, interactive learning opportunities while still using applied Biblical principles. Every student will hear about the courses offered and will be placed in their new class, beginning 1st period on March 18. The rest of their schedule will remain unchanged. On Friday, May 24, we have a special ‘Middlefest Day’, where families are invited to a free lunch and a chance to see numerous student presentations highlighting their exploratory classes. This is truly a celebration of learning!

Check out the overview of Middlefest electives!

7th grade MiddleFest Classes:

  • Media Mashup! A Biblical examination of the media today and appropriate responses from Christian teens
  • Payday! Using the parable of the talents from Matthew 25, students will learn basic principles of financial stewardship, through hands-on group projects and interactive lessons designed to teach money management
  • Mission Possible! Changing the world through service, evangelism and missions
  • Open Mic! A storytelling class in which students will write and perform their own stories.

8th grade MiddleFest Classes:

  • Stealing Freedom! Learn about the Underground Railroad and the slavery experience in America through language arts
  • Lagooned! A comical play about being marooned on an island
  • STEMtastic! Science, technology, engineering and mathematics focused experiments and building projects to find real-life solutions to missiological problems.
  • BioTech Quest! Hands-on, inquiry-based lessons to explore the exciting field of biotechnology

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