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The fourth quarter is a time for our Language Arts & Science emphasis at Woodcrest Christian Middle School.  Following Spring Break, each of our students has the opportunity to participate in a MiddleFest Class which was in lieu of their regular Bible classes. These classes are more hands-on and interactive while still using applied Biblical principles.

Here’s an overview of what our classes were this past year:


Speak Out: Public Speaking and confidence in front of an audience provide a platform for culture-changers. Their performance is pictured while performing a scene from Mid-summer Night’s Dream


Mission Possible!: Changing the world through service, evangelism and missions


Media MashUp: How to interact and lead in our technology driven world from a Godly perspective


Stealing Freedom: Underground Railroad and slavery in America


Lagooned!: A comical play about being marooned on an island


STEMtastic: Science, technology, engineering and mathematics focused experiments and building projects to find real-life solutions to missiological problems.


SwoBiotech: A study of biotechnology learning to invent new things using material from living organisms. Students learn how to extract DNA from their own cells, separate molecules using column chromatography, and even perform genetic engineering by transforming bacterial cells to glow green using DNA from with a jellyfish.

As a culmination of these nine-week classes, we celebrate by hosting a MiddleFest Day. Our MiddleFest Day is a day to celebrate everything that our students have been studying, exploring, and discovering. We have student presentations, speeches, science displays, class displays, 8th grade rocket launches, and dramatic performances of Lagooned!, The Paper Bag Bandit and Mid-summer Night’s Dream. We also serve all of the students and each of our guests a free BBQ lunch.

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