“PAYDAY” Class Inspires Budding Entrepreneurs
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“PAYDAY” Class Inspires Budding Entrepreneurs

“PAYDAY” Class Inspires Budding Entrepreneurs

“PAYDAY” Class Inspires Budding Entrepreneurs

Valuable skills for managing a business, learning to budget, and working as a team were just a few of the payoffs for seventh graders who signed up for ‘PAYDAY,’ a Woodcrest Christian MiddleFest elective class. MiddleFest offers engaging courses to WCS middle school students in the 4th quarter providing new hands-on, interactive learning opportunities while using applied Biblical principles.

“My dad has always inspired me to go for things like this, plus I’ve always been interested in having my own business some day,” says Angelina Osborn, a Woodcrest Christian seventh grader in the class.

Sixteen WCS seventh graders created, managed, and earned money from their own unique startup businesses, all while learning the importance of stewardship—one of WCS’s Biblical Core principles. “God has called us to be faithful stewards of all our resources. I think the students really enjoyed studying God’s perspective on businesses and finances,” says Mrs. Holliday, ‘PAYDAY’ teacher and WCS seventh grade math teacher.

The class included studying the parable of the talents from Matthew 25 as a basis for seeking how God would have us use the gifts He has given each of us. Students also learned about young, successful entrepreneurs of the 21st century and researched individual entrepreneurs which they reported on in the class. Guest speakers from the community were invited to share their story and included Bud Lupinno of Bud’s Tires, Tom Mangione of McDonald’s, Ken Rasner (former CEP of an international company), and Katie Kanning who owns and operates an independent  petsitting business.

Each team was given $50 to invest in their product of choice and was challenged to raise as much money as possible from sales of their product. The students collaborated and created four unique products that included:

  • The first place team used a 4th generation toffee recipe from one team member’s grandmother. They made and packaged “Nana’s Toffee” and earned over $375! They donated their proceeds to Cayo Christian Academy in Belize.
  • The second place team created “Charms for Children,” a jewelry-making business selling necklaces and bracelets with charms. They earned $215 and donated their proceeds to International Rescue Committee for refugee families.
  • The third place team developed “Sweet Treats & Slime” selling their homemade oozing slime, earning over $180. They donated their proceeds to the Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California.
  • The fourth place team started “Litty Donuts” reselling donuts in the morning before school. They earned $140 and donated proceeds to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

At the ‘PAYDAY Marketplace,’ students were able to showcase and sell their products on campus to fellow students, teachers, and staff, in addition to finding venues outside of school.

Learning how to fundraise was also an important lesson that students can use in the near future. With trips such as the upcoming Washington D.C. National Heritage Tour and mission trips offered through WCS, students learned how they can earn money now to save for big expenses in the future.

In addition to learning how to keep a ledger, how to track expenses, and other important skills, students were most impressed with understanding the parable of talents in Mathew 25. Cailin Martinez, a WCS seventh grader says, “This class is so much more than learning how to make and manage your money. It’s about finding your talent and using it for other people’s good. You have to be a good steward of your money, and how you use your money can show how you glorify God in your actions.”

Student Kailey Knight agrees, “This MiddleFest class was definitely worth choosing because it has taught me the important life skills that can be applied to my own life dealing with any sort of money managing. I have learned how God calls us to wisely manage our money. I really enjoyed this class because it let us use our abilities and talents in a way to make money, and then to give back and bless others by giving to a charity.”

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