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I have two children at Woodcrest Christian school. My wife and I have been truly blessed by our experience there. The teachers and staff show an unparalleled interest in the success of the students. They provide the skills needed to excel in higher education. All of this while cultivating a Christ centered growth of personal responsibility and service to others.

Brent d’Arc, MD

As a Woodcrest Christian High School parent for six years, my husband and I encountered many challenges getting through the teen years with our two girls.  I found the support of other praying parents invaluable…read more.

Susan Broome

“I loved my time at Woodcrest because I felt the academic rigor was high while the life lessons I learned were invaluable.  This school fully prepared me to attend UCLA.”

“There is no better school that offers Christ centered academics.”

“Spiritual leadership, Godly teachers, and not only having a good academic program but being sure the children know what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus.”

“Quality academics and spiritual life; actual care of students; ministry opportunities for students; welcoming atmosphere for students; focus on Christ in all academic areas; family like atmosphere.”

“The staff really cares about the children, on a spiritual level as well as academic level.  My children feel very loved at WCS.  The academics are great too.”

“The school is very academic but the main reason that we have our child attend is because of the focus on the whole child and the whole family.  The basis on bible teachings and the focus on showing love and support to the children is huge to us.  We also appreciate the fact that so many parents are involved in their child’s education.”

“The teachers genuinely care about the kids, the education they are receiving is top notch, and the Christian influence is wonderful!”

“WCSS (now WCDS) is like a family to us, everyone is very welcoming to everyone who attends there.  What they have to teach to the kids about God is outstanding, the things they learn from the excellent teachers stay with the kids throughout their lives and they continue to grow in God’s world as they go to Woodcrest Christian School.”

“My son is thriving at WCS; the teachers are invaluable in their teaching gifts.”

“Focus on Christ centered academics, character building of children, faculty and staff personal attention to my children.”

“This school is known for it’s academic advancment and college prep courses. This is a private school that focuses on real world issues as well as acamemics that has prepared me for college and the real world. I am a confident woman in my first year of college due to the preparation I received from Woodcrest Christian.”

“After attending four other schools I came to Woodcrest as a young boy who had a yearning to know Christ through a personal relationship with Him.  As I entered my second year in the school system Christ began to become more evident in my life.  Through all of the amazing Christian teachers and friends, surely sent by God, who acted as guides to help me along the path set before me by the Lord and who stood by my side and bared with me in my trials, my relationship with Christ flourished.  Each day I got into God’s Word during Bible class and drew closer to Him in Spirit and in understanding.  The scholastic system pushed me to strive to be my very best and benefited me in putting more and more faith in Christ.  For all the academic and spiritual knowledge gained in only four years at Woodcrest, I certainly will recommend this school to anyone I know.”

“For two reasons, one they get you prepared for college and two because they can teach us about Jesus Christ.”

“It’s a deliberate sacrifice we make and we’re glad to do it. We know our kids are safe, they are hearing about the Lord, and they are getting an exceptional education.”

“The after school activities are focused on future careers. There is the key club and sports which help the students to focus on leadership and goals. They also focus on team playing which helped prepare me to work together in study groups in college.”

“As a current senior, I have spent the past three years in what I believe is one of the best schools in the are. Woodcrest Christian School has a very unique faculty and staff as well as student life.The academics are taught by highly certified teachers that challenged me. Although, at first Woodcrest Christian School seemed intimidating, I was offered many tutoring opportunities. The teachers also supported me in every way possible, they were willing to sacrifice their time to offer me help. The teachers are not selfish but they work for the betterment of all their students; they motivate and pushed me to achieve success. My experience with the staff has been amazing; they have a vested interest in helping me succeed inside and outside of the classroom. This school offers a remarkable student life. Through sports, mission trips, theater performances, clubs, chapels and more the student here have fun as well as grow socially and learn what a community is. Everything we do here is nothing short of encouraging. Our student body is like a family that is all together ready to support and motivate everyone who is a part of that family. Through our social environment, our students learn how to become leaders and motivators within our school and the community. I feel that through the academic and social environment this school has, I am prepared for college. I have never been more prepared to meet the challenges of life with the help of faculty and friends here at Woodcrest Christian School.”

“The teachers are really good here. They are always available to meet before or after school as well as during lunch time.”

“The campus is really nice. It is pretty and well kept. There is no trash around on the ground.”

“The teachers are noticeably better than any other high school in the area and i can always confidently asks questions and receive help if i need it.”

“The sports teams were all full of respectable and fun athletes and sports instructors who would willingly sacrifice their time for the betterment of others whenever they needed to.”

“The teachers and administration are very proactive in dealing with student safety.”

“Our baseball and softball fields are the best in our league. Our Gym is the nicest one I’ve ever seen.”

“I have never felt unsafe at my school, and the security team is constantly roaming the campus. If there ever is an issue of bullying or personal security administration is always available for help.”

“The discipline is strict but not over bearing.”

“All the teams are welcoming to new beginners and the players take new players in very well and help you become a better athlete.”

“The school definitely prepares you for college academia.”

“You feel very safe and secure at the school. I think its great.”

“The teachers are prepared to teach Christian values first and embed the Christian belief in the academic studies.”

“There are so many sport options to choose from and the coaches try hard to make sure as many people can play as possible. There are also a lot of extracurricular activities to be apart from during lunch. The teachers are engaging and go over and beyond to make the sport or activity fun and exciting.”

“The food services are great. There are many options including a different lunch choice each day. There are alternative choices also, which include salads and sandwiches.”

“This is a private school. I feel like students that graduate from this school are better prepared to go on to college and get a career. The students here are pretty motivated.”

“The campus is beautiful. There are always teachers willing to help you and talk to you. The rooms are spectacular.”

“I’ve been in the Woodcrest System since kindergarten and one thing I have learned is that one of the things that set Woodcrest apart are the teachers and staff members. They truly care about their students. They not only care about their academics but also care for them on a personal level and want to make sure they are doing well emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, not just academically.”

“College is considered easy compared to high school.”

“My school is pretty good. Everyone knows everyone and is there for you when you need it. There is plenty of diversity and character among the students and staff.”

“The school is amazing as it allows many opportunities for you have be successful while having fun. It is a small school where you have to go out of your way not to see a familiar face but it is a great school, with fun and knowledgable teachers and many different fun events.”

“There are many different AP and honors classes. The workload is hard for some classes then for others it is relatively easy. It is a college prep school, so every class is geared for getting you prepared for college.”

“Very well maintained campus with a peaceful atmosphere.”

“This is a awesome school! I love it here!”

“My school is very tight nit. It is strict and can be irritating at times, however I feel safe there. Not only physically safe but it makes me feel safe for my future i know I have a great educational foundation to build my life on.”

“The academics at my school are quite excellent. I feel well prepared for college and feel that my school has prepared me for my future.”

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