Student Highlight: Piloting the Skies with Ben Gables
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Student Highlight: Piloting the Skies with Ben Gables

Student Highlight: Piloting the Skies with Ben Gables

“The need for speed” is often an unspoken dream for high school aged boys but the legalized speed limit tops out at 65 -75 in California. Unless you’re Ben Gables. Ben regularly travels over 125 mph as he makes his way from point A to point B.  How does he do it? How can you go that fast with all the traffic on our roads?!

“Roads? We don’t need…roads.”

Yep, Ben actually flies over our beautiful state. As a licensed single engine pilot, Ben has successfully passed flight ground school and his required instructor assisted flying of 32 hours. He currently has 19 hours of solo flying time with more to come!

Currently qualified to fly specifically rated sing-engine planes, qualifying on multi engine aircraft is next in Ben’s sights and then jets.

“I absolutely love flying and plan to become an airline pilot,” Ben said.

We asked Ben how his time at Woodcrest Christian has helped prepare him to be a pilot. “WCS has taught be discipline and given me the work ethic to see it (flying) through to the end. The most challenging part of flying is ‘staying ahead of the airplane’ or maintaining situational awareness. A pilot always has to maintain focus and anticipate the next move.”

We are excited for Ben and look forward to even greater accomplishments in the world of flying.

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