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Alumni Spotlight: Hannah Seabert ‘13

Alumni Spotlight: Hannah Seabert ‘13

December of 2021 was a full circle moment in Hannah Seabert’s professional soccer career. At the age of 26 Hannah found herself with gloves on and in the goal. As the game was starting Hannah was commanding her teammates, surrounded by thousands of cheering fans as she was getting ready to face off against Sandviken at the Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo, Norway. This was no ordinary game in that the winner would walk away with the prestigious title of the Norwegians Women's Cup National Champions, and yet this game meant more than just a win or loss to Hannah. It ...
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Alumni Spotlight: Zachary Sailer '09

Alumni Spotlight: Zachary Sailer ’09

Since the sixth grade at Woodcrest Christian Alumni Zachary Sailer had the dream of winning a Nobel prize in physics ...
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Alumni Spotlight: Tifani Silveria '10

Alumni Spotlight: Tifani Silveria ’10

If the axiom, “you reap what you sow” is true, Woodcrest Christian alumni Tifani (Oaks) Silveria is in the harvest ...
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Alumni Spotlight: Sean Matthews '10

Alumni Spotlight: Sean Matthews ’10

What is one principle that math has in common with being an entrepreneur? According to Woodcrest Christian alumnus and Aerospace ...
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Alumni Spotlight: Katie Kanning '15

Alumni Spotlight: Katie Kanning ’15

One of Katie Kanning’s earliest experiences in business came in 6th grade when she began selling chocolate door-to-door as a ...
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Alumni Spotlight: Matt Irving 92'

Alumni Spotlight: Matt Irving 92′

Matt Irving has known he wanted to run his own business since he was young—from his lawn service at age ...
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Alumni Spotlight: Jolyn Green ('13)

Alumni Spotlight: Jolyn Green (’13)

Jolyn Green is an alumna of Woodcrest Christian School Class of 2013 and is currently 2nd in command of the Coast ...
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