Bombarded by the News Media: How to Think Sanely, Critically, and Biblically
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Bombarded by the News Media: How to Think Sanely, Critically, and Biblically

Bombarded by the News Media: How to Think Sanely, Critically, and Biblically

Bombarded by the News Media: How to Think Sanely, Critically, and Biblically

I have never in my life spent more time being frustrated to try and understand what is true and actually happening in our world. The news seems to have more and more bias and propaganda attached to it. It’s difficult as a school leader, as a parent, as a member of the community to interpret the truth about events in our world let alone to evaluate them through a Biblical perspective. How do we train ourselves to Think Biblically about the issues that are prevalent now? We have tough topics facing us everyday in the news such as law & justice, transgenderism, animal rights, bioethics, death, the sexual revolution, abortion, politics, etc.

In talking to students, they also struggle to find what is real. The resources for gaining unbiased information are few and far between. Especially amid the social media news and from “higher academia, as well as from the cultural left in the 1990s and thereafter, you had movements like postmodernism that denied the very reality, the very existence of objective truth. Instead, putting this in a quasi-Marxist frame, the postmodernist, social constructivist argue that truth is merely socially constructed, that truth as truth does not exist.” (Albert Mohler, The Briefing from March 28, 2022)

As Christians attempt to find Biblical understanding of scripture in news, I have been asked by several parents where I recommend turning to for news and Biblical clarity.

I have found that “The Briefing” podcast by Al Mohler (President at Southern Baptist Seminary) to be the best 20 minutes or so each weekday examining the daily news from a Christian perspective.

It has taught me to think Biblically about the daily news and how we should respond as Christian servants. Mohler takes on tough topics through news articles from a wide variety of sources. He gives historical or cultural perspective to each story and then trains the listener how to approach the topic with Biblical insights on the issue.

Mohler’s podcast is a quality resource for learning to think Biblically. However, it is only effective if we first understand the Truth in the Bible.  In John chapter 8 we are reminded to “abide” in the Word of God. In order to abide we need to just “be” with God. We need to read the Bible. We need to worship. We need to listen. We need to be still. Through spending time and abiding in Christ we will become disciples or followers of God. We will be immersed in the Bible and train ourselves to Think Biblically.

“So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31,32

Our secular culture “simply seems to be profoundly shocked that there could be even the existence of a school today that would dare to teach the historic Christian doctrines and to adhere to a biblical understanding.” (Albert Mohler, The Briefing from January 23, 2019) However, as a Christian school this is exactly one of the things that we strive to accomplish–to train our students to Think Biblically.

Give Mohler’s podcast a try wherever you listen to podcasts or directly from Listen to it with (or even without) your high school student for an honest discussion together about a Christian perspective on the news.

However, please be warned that he takes on tough topics and speaks about them directly. Recently, he has discussed topics such as transgenderism, supreme court decisions, criminal justice, and pansexualism among others.

“We need not miss what is happening right now and understand how the Christian worldview–the Biblical worldview alone–allows us to think sanely and consistently about the moral reality of what we are seeing.” (Albert Mohler, The Briefing from March 3, 2022)

The Briefing from Albert Mohler

By Nathan Lambert, Woodcrest Christian High School Principal

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