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Alumni in Ministry

Alumni in Ministry

Alumni in Ministry

Each day, and at every grade level, the students of the Woodcrest Christian School System are diligently learning. From classrooms to athletic events, arts, and daily interactions with staff, what is being learned transcends academics and enters into the realm of spiritual growth and relational understanding. In addition, numerous opportunities to put into practice what they have learned, take place in the form of mission trips, grade level programs, arts performances, Student Council and dozens of other events. Combined with the academic learning, these opportunities form the crucible in which young men and women continue to be refined and more completely learn who God has called them to be and what He has called them to do with the gifts He has given them.

For believers in Christ, our marching orders, in many ways, come from Ephesians 4:11-13 where Paul clearly states that God has given the Church the people they need, with the gifts they need,” … for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ…”


“God cares about all forms of work so ask him to bring clarity around your passions and then go after that for him and the good of others.” -Jordan Davis


As a result, each of us bring to others, the opportunity to share our gifts in an effort to enrich the larger community. Through the years, Woodcrest Christian alumni have been at the heart of that effort. From pastors, to missionaries, worship leaders, and so much more, alumni Royals are quietly using their God given talents to build up the Church and answer God’s call on their lives.


There are dozens of alum who are currently “doing ministry” in a variety of areas and we have reached out to several of them to find out how they are loving God and loving people.


Alfredo Ramos (’04), Jeff White (’88), and Travis Osborne (’91) currently serve as church pastors in California. Jeff and Alfredo serve at Sandals Church at the Moreno Valley and Palm Avenue sites respectively, and Travis serves at the neighborhood Church of Redding. When asked what they found most fulfilling in their ministry, the common denominator was people and clearly seeing the Gospel change lives. Over and over again, the love for people and the desire for Christ to be at work in their lives was at the heart of each pastor’s mission.


“Be open to what God has for you. You may be in the secular workplace and this is needed too, but in everything you do, do it your best to the Glory of God.”  -Jeff White


That was true for several other alums in other ministries. Jeremy Whaley (’98)—the worship leader for Humanity Church in Pomona, Ca (and married to fellow ’98 alum Amanda Difani), along with Jordan Davis (‘04)—one of several WCS alum worship leaders at Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church (CFBC) in Riverside—both serve as worship leaders. They count it a privilege to help lead others into worship and to see how God works in their fellow ministers’ lives, despite their individual limitations, in bringing people in to God’s presence. A similar note was made by Matt Kaufman (’06) who has co-lead the high school ministry at CFBC for over 5 years, “It’s most fulfilling to see the Lord work in the hearts of high school students and see their lives changed through His word.”


“Just jump in. A lot of students are not sure what their spiritual gifts are so they are afraid to serve. Choose a few ministries at church and just try it out. You’ll end up finding an outpouring of spiritual gifts in the midst of serving.” -Matt Kaufman


In looking back at their time at Woodcrest Christian, many of the alum recognized the powerful impact their time as a Royal had on their current ministry. Alfredo Ramos stated, “…it (WCS) portrayed the world as a place where God’s kingdom was coming. Thus, they encouraged me that whatever profession I pursued could be one that advances His gospel and kingdom.”

Several alum commented on the time spent with the teachers and coaches at WCS. For Travis Osborne, “Woodcrest Christian gave me a foundation for my faith in Jesus through the classes AND through walking with the teachers and coaches.”


“Be in community and live in transparency with that community so that you are poised to receive the transforming work of the lord. Don’t just bring the Gospel with proclamation; have faith and step out with the demonstration of the gospel as well.” -Jeremy Whaley


Jordon Davis remembered the “nurturing culture at WCS helped me gain the people skills and confidence to stand in front of strangers and play music.”  A foundation in Biblical truth found in the Bible was a key component for many as well. “My foundation of Bible knowledge …was birthed and developed while attending Woodcrest Christian,” Jeff White recalled.


Our state and the Christian community as a whole are blessed to have such servants ministering the Gospel in so many ways to God’s people. What a privilege it is to know that their time at Woodcrest Christian has made an impact in their current ministries and outreach. Please keep them in prayer as they reach out to a world in desperate need of a Savior.

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