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Scott Kinney

Scott Kinney

Scott Kinney

For those of you who remember Scott Kinney from high school [2010], two passions come to mind:  soccer and art.  Those carried over into college when he attended Azusa Pacific University.  As a walk-on freshman, he earned a spot on the soccer team, ultimately playing for four years.  Though beginning as a Graphic Design major, Scott switched to Studio Art and then narrowed that down so that he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture.  After college, he got a job with Van Daele homes and is now an assistant superintendent on building sites.  But his twin passions for soccer and art still remain strong, and his most recent artistic efforts reflect a melding of the two, producing a series of sculptures constructed from soccer balls.  Starting with a foam base, Scott covers that with the geometric shapes of leather from an average of 6-8 soccer balls.  Arranging the shapes is like doing a doing a 3D puzzle, he claims.  So far, these unique creations have been animals—each taking 30-40 hours to complete, but he has it in the back of his mind to try a human form sometime.  With new ball designs coming out each year, Scott doesn’t feel like he’s exhausted the medium yet, and the response from buyers has been encouraging:  he’s sold five of his eight sculptures.  While athletic and artistic mentalities reflect two different worlds, Scott has successfully interwoven them to establish a unique niche for himself.

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