The Royal Wreck: P.E.’s Toughest Obstacle Course
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The Royal Wreck: P.E.’s Toughest Obstacle Course

The Royal Wreck: P.E.’s Toughest Obstacle Course

The Royal Wreck: P.E.’s Toughest Obstacle Course

At Woodcrest Christian School students are encouraged to reach new heights and are challenged to grow mentally and spiritually. This year, we decided to put them to the test and construct a brand-new obstacle course for students enrolled in P.E.! Our students have accomplished intellectual challenges, but now it’s time to tackle the physical.

The course, appropriately named “The Royal Wreck,” developed and brought to life by our very own Coach Ryan Anderson, includes twelve stations students have to complete:

  • 3 pull ups,
  • Crawl through the mud pit,
  • Push a tire sled for 75 yards
  • A memory verse chart, allowing them to continue the rest of the course before coming to a station that will require them to recite the verse (15 burpees if not accomplished)
  • Back Breaker: flip a tractor tire 10 times
  • Farmers Walk: Carry 2 buckets of sand for 100 yards
  • Jump over and crawl under 10 hurdles
  • Sloth: climb up side down for 30 ft.
  • Ninja: climb sideways with rings, knots and bars (girls will not be required to accomplish)
  • Plank walk for 10 yards
  • Body bag: pull a 50lb. sand bag 15 ft. high on a pulley
  • And finally, they finish by scaling a free hanging rope 15ft high, to touch a bell at the top!

In creating “The Royal Wreck”, Coach Anderson strived for a way to challenge his students to equip them when faced with having to overcome the enemy’s pitfalls. Using 2 Corinthians 12:10 (NKJV), which reads, “For when I am weak, then I am strong”, as its core verse, our students learn to lean on the LORD when becoming fatigued with this new challenge in front of them.

After a student completes the course, they will receive a “Royal Wreck” sticker and a wristband or t-shirt depending on if assistance was needed throughout. They will also get the chance to write their names on the “Royal Wreck” board for all to see their accomplishment!

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