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Seeds of Science

Seeds of Science

Seeds of Science

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)—WCDS’s  STEM Club is well underway.  On Tuesdays, sixteen 4-6th graders can be found on campus working in collaborative groups hypothesizing and solving problems in novel and exciting ways.  Every week students explore new, wide-ranging topics from discussing Bernoulli’s Principle and designing paper airplanes to microbiology and swabbing samples for petri dishes.  A recent favorite involved cushioning raw eggs in various methods to see how high the eggs could be dropped without breaking.  This experiment, accompanied by squeals of enthusiasm, included measuring, charting, and working together to reevaluate and redesign previous prototypes.  Led by sixth grade teacher Miss Clayton, this ten week program is generating much interest in these important scientific areas.  STEM Club is planting scientific seeds that will surely grow and flourish in our future professionals.

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