Super Sci-Fri
Sci-Fris (or Science Fridays) are exciting days in sixth grade.  Students, working with their friends, are given a problem to solve through experimentation.  They hypothesize, then test their ideas, often by using unusual materials and (read more)
Students Speak Out
On Saturday, May 7, Mrs. Berniklau led up the charge as Woodcrest Christian hosted our second annual Speech Meet on campus. We had 6 schools and almost 100 students competing. Besides being great hosts we were able to bring home 11 medals (read more)
Anatomy Class Explores Fields of Medicine
For the 12th time in the history of the WCS Anatomy and Physiology class, students participated in a day long exploration of the field of medicine at the Loma Linda University Medical Center. Hosted by the Dean of the school of medicine, Dr. Roger (read more)


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