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100 Mile Club is an activity for 1st-6th grades to promote healthy lifestyles organized through the nationwide 100 Mile Club organization.

What to expect with the 100 Mile Club:

  • Upon joining, your child will receive an official 100 Mile Club Challenge Accepted identification card.
  • Along the journey toward 100 miles, your child will practice personal goal setting, team spirit, perseverance, poise, confidence, and honest self-evaluation.
  • Throughout the year we will offer mile credits to students who wish to participate in designated sanctioned local events. These events include charity walks and other organized walks and runs where you can join your child in their journey to reach their goals.

100 Mile Club Rewards:

  • 25 miles reached: 100 Mile Club t-shirt
  • 50 miles reached: Golden pencil
  • 75 miles reached: Wristband
  • 100 miles reached: Gold medal

When your child reaches 100 miles, they will be awarded a beautiful gold medal at our Year-End Medal Ceremony where every participant celebrates their total miles completed. The value of these simple tokens celebrate the milestones met. The students also develop new confidence, poise, increase physical fitness levels, and self-esteem.

To join the 100 Mile Club, contact the WCDS front office for a participation form.

Visit www.100mileclub.com for more details.

Submit Your Miles

100 Mile Club members can record their miles online. Use the button below to submit the form.

100 Mile Club Tracker

100 Mile Club participants can track their total miles and see which WCDS classes are in the lead!

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