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Parent Testimonial: Anna Robinson

Woodcrest Christian parent Anna Robinson shares about her experience choosing WCS for her son's middle school years and the ways that WCS impacted her family.


[00:05] Hi, my name is Anna and my son went to a Woodcrest Christian Middle School. So I previously have taught middle school for six years in Riverside. And I currently teach high school in Corona, Norco unified school district. So making a decision about where to send him to middle school was, uh, a really big important decision to me. Most actually really worried he’s my one and only child and I wanted to make the best decision for him, but I wasn’t raised with a strong foundation myself and I, my parents are non believers. So it was very important to me because I feel like I cannot impart enough information to my son. Um, and it’s been so interesting how it’s worked in our lives because as he was getting more education in seventh grade, he started really wanting me to go to church more. And so I ended up not just attending church more often, which I happen, but also I started attending a women’s Bible study. And so my decision to send him to work groups, Woodcrest Christian also impacted our family in a positive way. And interestingly enough, you know, the, the choice between the public, the local public school and Woodcrest is the phones have become a huge problem for teachers and it’s almost impossible to keep their attention in some instances. The amount of cussing that’s happening in a regular classroom is just actually astounding and so I, I just appreciate it that I didn’t have to worry about that. I knew that he was going to be held accountable for his behavior and you know, then I can do my part as a parent here.

[01:47] The biggest thing that stands out to me is just the academic preparation and rigor that they have. The expectations in terms of studying, in terms of the amount of knowledge he had to have to pass those tests, those tests are very rigorous, and I can compare it directly to what I taught in the past at you know, middle school and I know that the standard was higher at what Woodcrest Christian and he walked out of there knowing a lot more in my humble opinion then he would have, if he had gone to public school. I don’t know if this is just me, but I really loved the way the campus looks and feels. It’s a beautiful campus. It almost feels like a little community college or something. Ther’s something to be said for that. Just the way you feel when you walk onto campus. And so I felt like it was a beautiful place, um, with kind loving people and that it was a safe place. So I just think he’s more prepared for high school. I’m grateful for that because he’s going to kill it in high school.

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