Podcast #1 – Why did we start the new chapel electives?
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Podcast #1 – Why did we start the new chapel electives?

Podcast #1 – Why did we start the new chapel electives?

Podcast #1 – Why did we start the new chapel electives?

March 8, 2022
Host: Matt Messner
Guests: David Lytle, Rhonda Thomale, Loretta Hall

In the Woodcrest Christian Podcast, we discuss cultural topics from a Biblical viewpoint. From challenges facing our youth to practical wisdom for parenting to stories from alumni and staff, our goal is to come alongside families to continue our 75 year mission of passionately preparing students to impact the world for Christ.

In this episode:

In this episode, you’ll hear from Matt Messner. Matt is the Campus Pastor of Woodcrest Christian Middle and High School. He is joined by Woodcrest Christian High School history teacher David Lytle, Woodcrest Christian High School art teacher Rhonda Thomale, and Woodcrest Christian High School math teacher, Loretta Hall. 

A modified approach to chapels implemented this year on campus has generated fruitful discussion and response from high school students. These four staff members share what spiritual growth they’ve witnessed in students in these smaller, topical chapel sessions, organic and thoughtful discussions that have occurred with students, and how they foresee continued spiritual movement on campus through this type of student engagement.

Other ways to listen:

:20 – Intro

2:23 – The purpose behind chapel electives

5:36 – What we create comes out of our heart

7:13 – Resource: Images and Idols

LINK: Images and Idols: Creativity for the Christian Life by Thomas J. Terry and J. Ryan Lister

7:50 – Identity-forming faith: We don’t get our faith out of the sky

11:09 – The significance of the people of the fine print

11:58- How God uses the insignificant

14:21 – Missions meetings: You’re going to have to share your faith

16:44 – Church, art and the Gospel: How to engage with your student



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