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Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

Last year, Principal Miss Leach revealed to the fifth graders a new opportunity for them that would begin the following year called the Leadership Team. She asked students to think about what makes a great leader. She then encouraged the students to look at their list and decide if they would like to be part of a team that would exhibit and strengthen those qualities. Many fifth graders applied and several were selected by their peers and a teacher/administrative committee. A few openings remained so that in the new school year the same process could be presented to the sixth grade classes, allowing new WCDS students to initially apply or former fifth graders to reapply. Altogether, fifteen eager sixth graders were chosen. Purple Leadership Team shirts were given to each member, and the wearers have already begun performing some of their new duties such as leading flag salutes, assisting with school tours for prospective families, and reading the closing storybook of the day to kindergarteners.

Christ-like character, servanthood, public speaking, and creative planning are qualities that are being emphasized. Each leadership member is assigned to a particular grade level classroom. They pray for the class and teacher, send notes of encouragement, and invite students to come to them with their problems. One member said, “We try to help people bond to make school a better place.” Another echoed that by saying they “help kids with problems,” and a primary way they do this is by acting as a liaison between the study body and the principal. Leadership Team members meet with Miss Leach and Miss Mares twice a month to discuss ways to help the school, their adopted classroom, and each other. In one meeting, they each wrote a note of encouragement to their adopted teacher and prayed for his or her class. They also discussed which Samaritan’s Purse program the student body should raise money for this year. Ultimately, they chose the Greta Home and Academy—with members saying they wanted every child to be able to go to a Christian school like they do.

These enthusiastic sixth graders have been working hard to cultivate leadership skills, even when it is out of their comfort zone at times. They are setting an example to the students here at WCDS as they serve with 1Timothy 4:12 as their guide which says, “Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity, show yourself as an example to those who believe.” WCDS is thankful for the willingness of these students to serve and looks forward to seeing how God uses them not only during the school year, but in the future as well.

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