A Family’s Journey from Homeschool to Woodcrest Christian
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A Family’s Journey from Homeschool to Woodcrest Christian

A Family’s Journey from Homeschool to Woodcrest Christian

A Family’s Journey from Homeschool to Woodcrest Christian

Tina vanHaaster shares how Woodcrest Christian impacted her family’s educational choices

As parents, my husband and I understood that every child is unique, however, we didn’t consider that these differences included their educational needs, so we simply sent our children to the local school just as everyone else in our community.  After several years, we recognized that the worldview of the public school system conflicted with our Christian worldview, and we opted to homeschool.  We thought the days of classroom education were over for our family.  Then we found Woodcrest Christian School.  Our son started school at WCS in the eleventh grade after being out of a traditional school setting for 6 years.  I think we were more anxious than he was.  That afternoon, when he went to sit alone at lunch time, a group of juniors came and invited him to join them.  They were friendly, caring, and welcoming.  These same students became fast friends with our son.

WCS was located 20 miles from where we lived, but we would have driven 100 miles for such a unique place. We found that the teachers actually knew our son by name, prayed for him regularly, and encouraged his studies as well as his relationship with Jesus.  At WCS, our son was able to take AP courses, play sports, interact with responsible Christian adults, and go on foreign mission trips.  Within a year we enrolled the rest of our high school and middle school sons, and last year we were finally able to enroll our daughter into 5th grade at Woodcrest Christian Day School.  Amazingly, each child had a similar experience – kind and welcoming students, Godly and qualified teachers, and a school system that seeks to put Jesus first.

That one-time Junior was awarded a full scholarship to a private university from the air force and is currently studying engineering.  He is rock solid in his faith and dedicated to impacting the world where God puts him.  It is obvious that Woodcrest Christian is helping to prepare the rest of our children for similar scholastic and Christian achievements.  Our prayer is that the Woodcrest Christian School System will have the opportunity to bless all the families reading this just as we have been blessed.  I encourage you to consider WCS, I am certain you will be overwhelmed.

Written by Tina vanHaaster

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